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Vinícola de Valdepeñas


Valdedepeñas Winery

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Viñedos en vaso Coovival

Currently, we are the only wine cooperative existing in Valdepeñas, and we control a large part of the best non-irrigated vineyards in the area, ensuring our high quality year after year.

VINÍCOLA DE VALDEPEÑAS Soc. Coop. de CLM is a cooperative winery founded in 2016 by a group of about 20 farmers.

Currently, we have a total of 90 members and produce an average of 10 million kilograms of grapes. We are located in the heart of the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin, right on the Andalusian Motorway.

Brands and Collections

Our Wines

We produce both high-quality bulk wines tailored to customer specifications, which are marketed both nationally and internationally, and our own bottled wines.

Regarding our bottled wines, our most emblematic and award-winning brand is the Concejal range, protected under the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin.

We complement our wines with the Malala brand, a partially fermented white must that is an explosion of aromas. The Viña del Lugar brand offers perfect wines for everyday enjoyment. And finally, our special selection of author wines presented under the V5 by Concejal brand.

Author's seal

V5 by Concejal

This brand brings together our most special wines, with a hallmark of authorship.

Three wines make up this collection: Orange Wine, Organic Chardonnay aged in barrels, and a Tempranillo elaborated from a special selection of barrels.



It is the most emblematic brand of the Valdepeñas Wine Cooperative. Six wines are produced under this brand: Airén, Verdejo, Multivarietal, Tempranillo, Roble, and Crianza. Many of them have been awarded numerous accolades in the most prestigious competitions today.


Partially Fermented White Must from the Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

A caress to the palate, combining elegance and finesse. It is a cheerful, fresh, sweet, and highly persistent wine.


Viña del Lugar

The wines under the brand Viña del Lugar are characterized by being perfect for everyday consumption, very enjoyable, and easy to drink. Two wines are produced, a white and a red, using the Airén and Tempranillo varieties, respectively.

They are marketed both in bottles and in a convenient format for home and for parties with friends, such as the bag-in-box.

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O u r W i n e r y

The facility covers approximately 7,000 square meters, including a maturation warehouse with over 1,000 French oak barrels, a traditional cellar with 192 cement amphorae, and a typical Manchego windmill that can be visited, built in 1967. Additionally, it has 9 hectares of its own dry-farmed vineyards of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The best way to get to know us is to visit the winery, taste our wines, and enjoy Valdepeñas and its surroundings. We offer guided tours of the winery and our traditional windmill that will make your day unforgettable.


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