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Vinícola de Valdepeñas was born thanks to the union of a brave group of farmers who have the desire to produce wines from their own vineyards and have them become references not only in their region but also internationally.

To achieve this, they come together as a Cooperative Society in 2016 and acquire the facilities of Bodegas Espinosa, an old winery located right on the Andalusian Motorway.

After a significant initial investment and effort, much of the old winery is renovated and modernized, and the first production takes place in the same year, 2016.

Currently, the winery has nearly 90 members and produces an average of 10 million kilograms of grapes. Its first national and international awards received in its short life demonstrate the meticulous work and dedication in vineyard care and wine production.

Our history

A s e v e r y t h i n g b e g i n s

Our Facilities

V a l d e p e ñ a s W i n e r y C o o p e r a t i v e

The winery covers about 7,000 square meters, consisting of a completely new fermentation area, modern and adapted to the highest standards, and also preserves a traditional cellar with 192 cement amphorae, highly valued today for giving a unique authenticity to all our wines.

The winery also includes a maturation warehouse with over 1,000 French and American oak barrels and a traditional Manchego windmill that is part of the tours of our facilities and was built in 1967.

Additionally, surrounding the winery, we have 9 hectares of our own vineyards of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are also open to visits.

The facilities are completed with a bottling plant and warehouses, from which we send our wines throughout Spain and every day, to more countries beyond our borders, carrying the name of Valdepeñas Wines all over the world.

Most Important Milestones

D i s c o v e r O u r H i s t o r y


The Beginning

The dream of a group of farmers who wanted to see their product at the top begins.



Their first wine brand is launched for sale. With 500 hectares of their own vineyards and 1.000 French oak barrels, the Concejal brand is born.


Increase in members

The cooperative continues to grow, reaching almost 90 members spread across the municipalities of Valdepeñas, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Alhambra, Torrenueva, San Carlos del Valle, and Moral de Calatrava. They contribute with grapes of almost all authorized varieties to the winery: Airén, Verdejo, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc for whites, and Tempranillo, Syrah, and Garnacha for reds.


Awards and Recognitions

Their wines are achieving the prestige they always dreamed of and have won the following awards: Gold Medal at the Manzanares Field Fair, FERCAM, two Gold Medals at the Bacchus Awards, one gold at Spain Selección, and another award at the Best Wine in Box in France, for wines in bag-in-box packaging.


V5 by Concejal

New brands are born and join the existing ones. V5 by Concejal is introduced as a brand that encompasses very special wines, wines with an author’s seal. Initially, an Orange wine is launched, which receives a great reception. It is followed by an Organic Chardonnay, and at this moment, a Tempranillo Barrica is about to be launched.