W i n e T o u r i s m

wine tourism

W i n e r y T o u r s

The tour consists of a walk through our facilities and vineyard, where all the processes of winemaking and aging of our wines are explained.

The visit concludes with a wine tasting in our traditional Manchego mill.


T r a v e l t o V a l d e p e ñ a s

Come to Valdepeñas. You can enjoy its bars and restaurants that take care of local products and work them with respect. Enjoy an extensive and varied culture of tapas.

Visit museums of painting, sculpture, archaeology, olive oil… among them, discover the first Wine Museum of Castilla-La Mancha, which gathers the history of oenology and wine for the enjoyment of both adults and children. Don’t miss walking through our historic ensembles with churches and centuries-old squares of impressive beauty and uniqueness.

You will be surprised by the natural surroundings with plains and gentle hills marked by the Jabalón River from east to west, and the Peral and Moral Mountains ranges.

Valdepeñas Wine Route

Enhance your enjoyment of wine and the Valdepeñas region. Discover what the Valdepeñas Wine Route has to offer.

As a winery belonging to the Valdepeñas Wine Route, Vinícola de Valdepeñas invites you not only to visit us but also to enjoy our entire region, our gastronomy, our landscapes, our heritage, our traditions… and of course, our wines. We are ‘wines with stories to tell.’

Learn more about the Valdepeñas Wine Route at:



V i s i t i n g h o u r s a n d p r i c e s


Adults: 15 / Children under 12: 10

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Adults: 20 / Children under 12: 15

(Consult prices for large groups)

V i s i t C o o v i v a l

Visit our winery built in the late 1.960s. Discover our traditional amphora cellar, barrel warehouse, Manchego mill, and enjoy the landscape as our winery is surrounded by vineyards.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 

9:00 – 14:00 & 16:00 – 19:00 h.

Saturday and Sunday: 

Visits by appointment only.  


Vinícola de Valdepeñas Soc. Coop.

Autovía de Andalucía Km 198,3

(+34) 926 34 70 74(+34) 689 584 346


How to arrive

To reach Valdepeñas, you can travel by road. The A4-E5 Motorway (Southern Motorway) is the main route.

There is also a train station and a bus station available.

"I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. What a pleasure it was to feel the magical atmosphere of this place! Thank you for everything!"
- Ana Lombarde -
"The whole family enjoyed it a lot, even the little ones. I never imagined he would enjoy playing in the vineyard so much. Every question my son asked was answered so that he could understand it. We will definitely be back!"
- María Lomas -
"I've learned so much. The guide is a great professional. We are sure we will be back!"
- Nati Sánchez-