O u r W i n e s

Wine Brands

We market our wines under 4 different brands, each carefully crafted to satisfy the different moments in which we enjoy wine: alone, with friends, at a business lunch, at a special event, on a romantic evening, in winter by the fire, on a sunny terrace in summer… all great moments, all great wines.

M a l a l a

Partially Fermented White Must from Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

A gentle caress on the palate, blending elegance and finesse. A joyful, fresh, sweet wine with great persistence.


C o n c e j a l

It is the most emblematic brand of Vinícola de Valdepeñas. Six wines are produced under this brand: Airén, Verdejo, Multivarietal, Tempranillo, Roble, and Crianza.

Many of them have been awarded numerous prizes in the most prestigious competitions that exist today.

V 5 b y C o n c e j a l

This brand encompasses our most special wines, with an author’s seal.

It consists of three wines: Orange Wine, Organic Chardonnay aged in barrels, and a Tempranillo made with a special selection of barrels.


V i ñ a d e l L u g a r

The wines under the Viña del Lugar brand are characterized by being perfect for everyday consumption, very pleasant and easy to drink. Two wines are produced, a white and a red, with the Airén and Tempranillo varieties respectively.

They are marketed both in bottles and in a convenient format for home and parties with friends, such as the bag-in-box.